Magic Parks Inc.


Launch Gurnee Jobs:


Are you looking to work in a fun & friendly environment? Launch Gurnee could be your next job!


We have over 16,000 square feet of trampolines including two dodge-ball courts, a foam jumping pit, kid’s zone, and more! This is an awesome facility designed for jumpers from age 4 and up. It's a great place for birthdays, parties, day camps, schools, civic and community gatherings, and corporate events. The following are the rules we live by:


  • SAFETY is our top priority at all times for team members and jumpers. Always follow the rules and do the right thing!


  • FUN keeps people happy. A fun place creates frequent visits and happy workers. Keep it light and fun, but always safe!


  • FRIENDLY people create a great environment! Your attitude creates the environment people want to be in!

If this sounds like you, the please apply now to be considered for our team.
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Under 16                 16 or Older

We have 3 team member positions. If one fits your strengths, please click "Under 16" or "16 or Older" above to submit your application.


Court Monitors:

- Responsible for knowlege of all Launch Gurnee rules and above all provide a safe, fun and friendly environment for all jumpers



- Responsible for checking in jumpers and completing financial transactions. 


Event Hosts:

- Responsible for assisting with birthday parties. Hosts coordinate table setup, pizza and cake serving.